Thursday, December 8, 2011

Have you "turned down" your 'beautiful'?

Well have you?    why?  No big deal but ....
WHY   have you?
I get it. Life is busy and sometimes TIME does not ALLOW YOU to look your best. fine.

Walk with me for a moment. You are going out with the girls, you are excited, you feed the kids early, mark the clock for the babysitter and run up to the shower to 'do your hair and makeup', put on THE outfit, and you are READY. :) One last check in the mirror and you FEEL how you look. You feel special. and you LOOK special. but what matters most for you as your eyes twinkle back at FEEL special. No one needs to tell you this - SELF is telling you this and in your Soul right down to your KNOW this. so good.

You are going to an important meeting. VERY important meeting and have had the prerequisite haircut, trimmed what needed trimming, brushed the teeth / flossed / mouthwashed / aftershave / cologne / perfume / heels / earrings (what have you - this scenario is gender neutral!! haaha!) regardless, you are READY for the boardroom. good. you take one last look in the mirror and that confirms it - you definitely LOOK  how you FEEL.  
and you FEEL - Powerful.

 (were you waiting for this 'but' ? cuz I was!! )  we can't do this EVERY DAY!  We can't DIAL UP our beautiful, our gorgeous, our powerful, our dazzle EVERY DAY.   We don't have TIME. 
(did you hear how 'lame' that sounded?  cuz I did!!)  haha!
of COURSE we can look our best EVERY DAY. yes. our BEST. and we LOOK our best because we FEEL it. inside. where it counts. we FEEL it and we SHOW IT, we SHINE IT out to others and then THEY FEEL it. (does it get better than this?)

Somedays, feeling your best looks like yoga pants, hair tied back and a twinkle in your eye and a smile on your face.
Somedays, feeling your best looks like 'fighting the good fight' on behalf of another who can't go it alone.....(*quick tip - wear your armour and be RESILIENT.)
Somedays, feeling your best looks like posh clothes and full on makeup/cologne - GOT IT!
Somedays, feeling your best means a crisp white STARCHED shirt, dress khakis and your favourite tie
Somedays, feeling your best is your tried and true denims with a cozy long sleeve polo, hot cappuccino and the Saturday paper
Somedays, feeling your best means comfortable clothes and a dash of lipstick (red! why not?!)  over coffee with a good friend.

The common denominator here is YOU HAVE TAKEN SOME TIME for your feel special, powerful, dazzling, comfortable, secure and SPECTACULAR.

it's quite simple. you. your SELF deserves that 'time spent'. make SURE you are spending that TIME on your SELF in whatever way makes YOU feel SPECIAL and POWERFUL.

because you are. and I said so.
I am Shining out to you today - be sure to take your own time ..... and SHINE up your Beautiful.  :)