Thursday, December 1, 2011

Feeling small?

and you are....small that is. A very small drop of energy in this vast universe of physical 'things', emotions, and spiritual connections. Nothing brings home this feeling of 'smallness' more clearly than stepping out into the dark night. As you step out the door adjusting your scarf, locking the door, slipping your gloves on and as you see your way down the stairs, stepping down the driveway and onto the sidewalk a little bit farther  away from the house lights now, the glaring glow of the lights over the garage......moving farther into the night you glance up......and stop, still in your tracks - mouth open a little, eyes wide and shining as you scan and notice and scan some

 Those STARS!  shining down on you, some brighter, some flickering, some joined together, some all on their own, some dancing, some holding steady....a symphony of energy playing for you, for your benefit.

  They do it every night whether you are there with your face turned towards them to enJOY the show .... or not. 
 EVERY single night - they are a study in perseverance, persistence and vigilance.  Shining constantly, regardless of audience or attention - each shining in their own unique and special way, working together and working individually - the show is intense, amazing and SPECTACULAR. 
EVERY night! 

and so it is here, on this planet - (and THIS is where the FEELING SMALL part FADES AWAY!!)

Envision all of our light filled souls shining out together and separately, joined and separate, flickering and dancing and persistently ensuring that each single day and night we are radiating our own special and unique kind of Light out to the Universe in whatever way we can. 

SHINE  in whatever way makes YOUR  'uniqueness' radiate out to your World today!
BE persistent and