Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Establish 'your FLOW'!!

Flow. Establish your flow. Go with your flow once you have established your flow. Stay in the flow. Feel the power of acting from within the flow. Feel the ease of movement and enJOY the ride - your ride with Flow.

No idea what I am talking about? Well, that could be because you have not received your Angel call yet to 'Establish your flow".  and that's ok.....you will.   Or maybe yoU have gotten the call, and ignored it.  that's ok too....they will call again. 
 or MAYBE, you know EXACTLY what I am talking about!
 You have already felt the joyous ease of establishing and maintaining your flow, have also shown others the grandeur of such state and then ...... jumped OUT of the flow and are now left standing on the sidewalk asking 'why?".
WHY did I do that? 
Well, sometimes there is a brighter penny shining at you in the moment and that can falsely lure you out of your flow.  (This can happen time and again through your journey if you don't recognize this pattern and call a halt to it :)  ignore the penny and STAY IN THE FLOW!)

The fact of the matter is, life is beautiful with an ease of movement one never thought possible - ONCE YOU FIND 'YOUR FLOW'.
so once you find it, stick with it ...... and enJOY!!!!
Shine into your FLOW! :)