Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Balancing your Chakras? Try Yoga!!!

Yes it's true! As well as being a calming influence on your mind (always leaving me in a near euphoric state of mind after a beautiful and cleansing yoga session!) AND a great workout for your physical body!  (wait, there's more!) AND ---  also it is a WONDERFUL way to keep and maintain your own balanced chakras between Reiki sessions.  If you go to Yoga classes then you already know what I am talking about but if you are 'green' to this whole experience then it is worth checking it out - see us for Yoga (and Reiki!!) at the The Clarity Centre in Oakville. 

Specifically for each of the Chakras, focus on these positions...
Root Chakra              - Mountain, Tree and Corpse pose
Sacral Chakra            - Sun Salutation (my favourite!)
Solar Plexus Chakra  - Warrior I, Warrior II and Boat pose
Heart Chakra             - Bridge, Cobra and Child's pose
Throat Chakra           - Jhalandara bandha (chin drop)
Third Eye Chakra      - visualization through meditation
Crown Chakra           - modified headstand

Any of these poses either as part of your Yoga daily session or separately on their own will assist you maintaining these particular Chakras (or all of them!) and when your own Chakras are balanced.....YOU are balanced and your own energy within your physical, emotional and spiritual body is able to replenish, rejuvenate and renew its own power that leaves YOU - ALL OF YOU! -  feeling and being YOUR BEST.
So SHINE into your Yoga today!! :)
Stacey MacDonald is a Reiki Master / Teacher in Oakville