Friday, November 4, 2011


So true - there we are ticking along our Path and (yes, admittedly!!) not looking too much to the right or left, not really stopping to smell the roses, not noticing the 'freshness' of the air, not HEARING the birds or squirrels scuttling through the underbrush.....when suddenly!!  WHOA! What is this??!  ok....regroup...where have I been? where do I need to go?? who is to the left? what is to the right? am I not meant to 'plough forward'? is a diversion called for?  "I have been SO CAUGHT UP IN BUSY-BUSY that I have NO IDEA where I AM let alone where I should set my intentions of BEING....."....and so we stand there, mind-numbingly overwhelmed with choices for the future as much as a dawning of how NUMB we have been to our PRESENT circumstances and so that we have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA of where we have been! physically, spiritually, emotionally....

we are at the crossroads and forget the recriminations! haha!! but seriously.... it is decision time.  Where have you been, what are you supposed to be doing, what did you say you would be doing, what do others expect you to done. over.

stop. sit down in the middle. SIT DOWN.
 breathe and realize that this is YOUR journey and you can choose whichever path you like. yes. YES YOU CAN.  (and I KNOW you can think of a THOUSAND reasons why you can't ....but you can) there is always a way. 
 It might not be the best and most grandiose way RIGHT NOW but you know what???? .... hee hee 'almost' is and it is DEFINITELY better than where you have been 'living' and it is ONE STEP AWAY (or a couple but we will 'get there'!!!)   from being IDEAL.....really.
 so, what is the 'down side' to taking a chance here?  THERE IS NO DOWN SIDE! It's all good!
you simply have to BELIEVE in SHIFTING YOUR PERSPECTIVE....if you don't quite get that... then pretend you do....and soon enough you will have that 'AHA' moment and!!! you get it. so good.   really SO GOOD.
you are on YOUR path.  
so hey, SHINE  a little Light  while you are there huh?  so the rest of us can find your circle of Joy and join in!!