Saturday, November 5, 2011

You gotta FIND that wave if you wanna RIDE THAT WAVE!

That's right! I KNOW that you know that this guy was NOT just sitting on the couch a few minutes ago. No sirreeeeeeee. Big things, great excitement, terrific accomplishment, grandiose exhiliration DON'T JUST HAPPEN. ok, sometimes they do but it is SO RARE - why chance it?? Why not just GET OUT THERE and make it happen.
The thing is, generally to get to the BIG STUFF, the fun stuff, the end result, the "wow, this is what I always dreamed would happen' stuff......there is a bunch of stuff you have to do at the very beginning of this quest that.....ehhh, is not so fun. a bit boring actually and sometimes quite annoying (so its easy to throw in the towel, this is a way in which our ego will self sabotage our own Higher self's ability to manifest our desires)
 so, knowing this - DO IT ANYWAY.
Acknowledge the 'boringness' and the 'tediousness' and then.... do it.  YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE GOING and don't let a little 'running around the mulberry bush' or 'I'm just chasing my tail' niggly, negative thoughts slow you down. Simply do it. and keep doing it. 
ALWAYS keep your dream close at hand.  VISUALIZE where you want to be - actually SEE yourself in your mind's eye doing what you want to be doing, living the life you want to lead, looking physically how you want to look, acting emotionally how you want to act, riding the wave you want to ride!  and say "I AM such and such" (you get it?  not "I want to be such and such", not "Ohhhhh, why am I not such and such" and definitely not a jumping up and down "yeah right! I'll NEVER be such and such"    ok, ya got me now?  a very calm, very assertive and very powerful "I AM such and such" together with your picture in your mind......while you are jumping through the boring hoops of stuff....keeps inching you closer and closer.
Then your Angels 'throw you a bone' and suddenly IT'S NOT SO BORING anymore!!! It's good and you can see REAL payback for your work!! you are ON YOUR WAY! and this continues for a bit, and then it gets tedious again (just before you burst through another glass ceiling the Angels on your Path will crank up the tediom to see just who can stick with it 'through the plateau' - who really wants it? who believes the most? whose Faith is strongest? and if that is you, then GET READY, cuz you are onto the next level of your Path! and therefore that much closer to your destination.
Just remember that this guy on his wave had a day when he got his FIRST surfboard as a gift, was awkward carrying it down the beach to the water, (maybe even got some sand in his eyes!) and FELL OFF IT a THOUSAND times on waves no bigger than our knees.  He got a little hurt now and then (both his pride and maybe physically also) along the way, he got discouraged, he maybe even wanted to 'throw in the towel' at some point....but something kept him going.
Inner guidance, a drive to accomplish what you KNOW IN YOUR HEART you can do......not at first maybe, and it might not be easy, but YOU WILL BE GREAT AT IT.
Keep going. Find your wave.    
 ....and keep shining :)