Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Where is your Red Wagon?

Never MIND ...what did you keep in that wagon?  WHERE IS THAT WAGON??!  Why did we trade it in, give it away, leave it abandoned, walk away, put it in storage........
That wagon never left our sides....and it was so easy!

Anything you aspired to be and thought you might need along your journey....went into the wagon at the start of the day to be reclaimed when the situation deemed appropriate. EASY.

As you went along your Path, anything that looked useful to you and for your purpose?.......was picked up easily and slotted in with the original things you chose for your greatest benefit...into your Red Wagon to be reclaimed when the  situation deemed are now CONFIDENT that as you go along you are able to gather any and all that benefits your Life purpose with EASE.

When you hit a roadblock, an obstacle, tough weather, rainy days.....NO PROBLEM!  You are able to quickly reach into your Red Wagon and grab a ladder, step stool, rubber boots and/or have prepared, you have whatever you need within your matter what you come up against, you need only to turn to 'the Red Wagon' EASY.

As children we KNOW intrinsically that we are supported and we are given all the tools we need to rise to any challenge on any level that we need. As children, we are MORE THAN HAPPY to gather our tools at the start of each day and wheel along with our support....happy, confident, carefree and prepared!!
As adults, we feel 'confident' we can do this 'on our own' .... we are 'self sufficient' ....we are 'in control'.....and then reality hits and we realize we .... control absolutely nothing.
 (*There is a certain release and freedom that comes from this realization at a later date however at the onset...this is quite disturbing to say the least!)

 Support....REAL 'yours for the asking'.  (*Angel footnote - once you ask (once) you MUST TRUST that they heard you.....ask and then say THANK YOU FOR HEARING ME AND ASSISTING ME....PLEASE do not ask and ask and are NOT in a foreign country with your Angels (where you believe you need to speak louder and slower etc to be understood!! haha!!!! quick travel tip...THAT doesn't work either no matter WHAT corner of the World you are from - my largest following Canada, US and all the followers in  Russia!! - nice to see you here! - know this) Your Angels are always on track for you!! But DO ASK and DO BE SPECIFIC and then TRUST!!*)

Here is the 'visual' that MY Angel Team is asking that I share....
Dial back to days where you finished breakfast and then went out and found your Red Wagon wherever you left it the previous day. (It is STILL THERE - even if 'yesterday' was 35 years ago!!) Make no apologies for taking this Red Wagon with you wherever you go. You need it. and you deserve it. PUT IN IT whatever and whichever and WHOEVER you feel you need ..... AND STRIDE CONFIDENTLY DOWN THE STREET....TODAY AND EVERYDAY.

Shine it up People.  :)