Sunday, November 6, 2011

This is where I "FACED MY FEAR'!! :)

Yah! you know what? We all have 'fears' that have NOTHING to do with common sense or past circumstance or ..... well? I don't know but we ALL have them.  I can tell you that one of my fears was jumping into 'dark' water. You know the kind?  I CAN'T see the bottom. That is a problem for me. BIG.
Ever since I was a kid I couldn't do it.
I am a VERY strong swimmer. I have always been a very strong swimmer, love to swim, feel more at home in the water than out...but there it is.
 I will swim ALL DAY..... in the pool, swim without a care in the world..... at the beach, swim at Tobermory, Ontario Canada
** (little plug - clearest freshwater in the world and divers from all over the World fly in JUST to have the pleasure of the GRAND CANYON like depths (150 ft or MUCH deeper one minute and 6 inches the next as you swim up to one of the MANY plateaus in the MIDDLE of the lake...let alone the shipwrecks that are lovely to dive and explore..also there as a result of the many plateaus!! ....but I digress.....:)  I can do that because I am from that area!!  go ahead, google Tobermory diving and book your plane ticket, pack your snorkel!....)
can you tell I am 'skirting the issue??'  ha!
Right. so I grew up being able to swim in water where no matter where I was....I could SEE the bottom.
Regardless, this is not a prerequisite for most people....and I was SURE this was NOT going to be an issue for my I needed to get past it.  I have always been open about this fear with my kids and they told me that I needed to face it (FACE MY FEAR!) but they told me to start small. Got it.
First stop, jumping off a dock. (lots of weeds.  ew.)  And after much coaxing (and some name calling!)  I did it and somehow....much to my surprise....survived.  whaddaya know???? yeah!

ok, so this summer? the black inland lakes of the Muskokas.  Jumping off 15 feet of rock into pitch black water.....with my kids clapping and chanting (screaming!! I so apologize 'other campers') 'FACE YOUR FEAR! FACE YOUR FEAR!  I flung myself forward and trusting in EVERYTHING .....I survived.  NEVER MIND!!!! I had a BLAST!! and I kept doing it!! time and again I climbed out, jumped back in (when it was my turn mind, I NEVER even once CUT THE LINE!! haha!)

here's the thing. It hit me that I could have lived my WHOLE life not knowing how AWESOME it was to do one of the things that scared me the most.  but I didn't.
I feared doing it.
(with a little help...ok!! with alot of help!! ha!)
Sometimes what we fear are 'big' things and sometimes they are 'little' things but regardless, we fear them and they keep us from moving forward in so many ways.  Today, make your list of things that you fear, things that make you uncomfortable, things that make you nervous, things that you could NEVER do...that is for 'other' people....haha!! and make a date with even ONE of those items .... to move past it!! FACE YOUR FEAR! 
When you step out of your 'comfort zone' is when you get back a little piece of your Self that didn't even know was missing.....UNTIL you get it back!! wow. awesome!!
 Discover that little piece of you that CAN DO IT!! It's in there! :)  Keep shining!!