Monday, November 7, 2011

Archangel Uriel guides us step by step.....

Step by step. inch by inch. stone by stone. we get there.
where is there? one step further down our Path of course!  maybe we are on an entirely new Path at this point (having completed all of the stones on the last chapter of our journey we are now facing in a new direction and just moving towards the next stone of a new Path)....same river ...just a new Path.  We did not know that there would be so many stones to cover....but there are. and that's ok. The river is beautiful free flowing and clear, even when it rains and some of the mud stirs up at the sides leaving the water a little 'murkier' then usual...eventually it clears again (and we have that wonderful scent left from the rain - so cleansing and invigorating at the same time)....we can keep going.
In the day, it is fairly easy to navigate our way from stone to stone and see our way far into the future, have an idea of where we are going, see some twists in the Path, sometimes even see our destination....but then night falls and it is difficult to see even the stone we are ON let alone the NEXT step!   Not even knowing where the next step is, not being able to see where OR IF there are any twists or turns in the path ahead, not being able to know for sure if the water is rising or if it is our imagination? certainly and in NO WAY being able to see the destination.....yes, Life Path is very much like this.
MUCH more like traversing the stepping stones across the river....AT NIGHT!
And THIS is where trust and faith step in. Relying on guidance, inner guidance, inner intuition,  - all courtesy of the same source - your Guiding Angels. It's like having a lifelong connection with your Angel GPS!  Trust it. It is real. It has got you this far and it will take you on!! 
In particular, Archangel Uriel is generally the one around when you need to or are ready to take the next step.  He will light the way for you - he will hold his lantern up high just over your shoulder (as he stands behind you to steady you forward) so that you will be able to get a clear view of or just catch a glimpse of 'the next step'. He holds your arm and makes sure that you get there safely and without incident....great!  Now....where is the NEXT step?  can't see it? That's because he has put the lantern back down again - he is still there steadying you while you are on THIS step and when YOU ARE READY for the next step, the lantern goes up and off you go!  Hey!  here's the other thing!! maybe the next step is NOT READY FOR YOU!! Sometimes we feel like we ARE ready!!! and we have been ready for A LONG TIME!! but you know what? the stage has not been set for us yet on the the next step....we have to wait and to trust and believe that when the next step is ready AND WE ARE READY TO TAKE IT.....then conditions are perfect for Archangel Uriel to raise that lantern. 
If you feel a bit like you are 'stuck on a stone' - look up and enJOY the view, breathe in the beauty of the day, the freshness of the air - and KNOW that the next step is being prepared for you and RELAX!  you are in good hands!!!!
Keep shining!! :)
Stacey MacDonald, Angel Therapy Practitioner, Oakville, ON