Thursday, November 10, 2011

Our Angels prepare for 11.11.11 :)

oh yes!! Angel operators are standing by!!  haha!! It is the cusp of 11.11.11 and this is a VERY auspicious time for us all as we are offered this wonderful opportunity to connect and communicate with our Angels as we never have before!!
So what are you waiting for???
Let's get going.

What behaviours, habits, poor perspectives, RUTS, opinions and attitudes, BEHAVIOURS (worth mentioning again!! ha!) would you like to see the back of, get rid of, say ADIOS to?  write em down.

Also, what behaviours, points of view, types of situations, mannerisms, abilities to 'handle' certain situations, what types of abundance (yes there is more than one kind!)  ....would you like to DRAW NEARER, be your companion, be a comfortable fit for you on a daily basis???  write em down!

I want you to really FEEL this list. (and feel free to fold your piece of full scap in half like we used to do at school so you automatically have two columns!! this is an exercise in learning how to 'let go' and 'receive'  SCHOOL IS IN PEOPLE!!! :)

for those sports fishermen out there....think of it as 'catch and release'.  For others maybe it is "Law of Attraction" vs. "Law of Detraction"  (? wha' ?)
but I digress...
This is worth having some fun with but it is also worth some careful thinking and planning and FEELING your way through this.  How would you like to FEEL going forward.   (free (of debt, of guilt, of barriers and obstacles) joyful, unobstructed, carefree, healthy, hopeful etc) now what types of actions in your world, what types of day to day activities support those feelings within you?   (what OR WHO needs to GO?  what or who would assist in this? who and what do you need to engage with?)

Make that list and make it LONG. make it detailed. and then hold it up for your Angel Team and smile. Fold it up in a small square and keep it in a very special place in your you keep a wee pot of Angel pennies somewhere? special notes or birthday cards from past days? momentos from your childhood or family mementos? a drawer that is reserved 'just for you'?
Stow this away and KNOW that you have handed this list to your Angels on 11.11.11.   NOW, it is THEIR focus and not YOURS. 
Go about your day, interact and know that your Angels have your back more than ever before!!!!!
Now, get going and prepare for your VERY SPECIAL DAY tomorrow!! and keep shining!

Angel Therapy Practitioner Oakville, Stacey MacDonald