Monday, November 14, 2011

Make it a 'soft' day :)

This is a great day to let the harshness of reality, the tough decisions of yesterday (and today) slide, the ramifications of said tough decisions, the machine like ticker tape of to-do's SLIDE away, vapourize, disappear over the horizon of your awareness.
Being soft on your Self ensures that you are kind to your Self. The WHOLE WORLD may be buzzing around you with 'these are the headlines this hour' news.....turn it off.  Not EVERY day, we don't want to live our lives in a make believe reality however,  'soft days' are VERY necessary for balance!!!  For the most part if left unchecked we can live in a constant state of strain with a BARRAGE of information pummelling our senses from every direction!
So, live today 'soft'.

BLARING from the radio or the TV......'This is your news this hour'....turn it off

Someone is upset about the way someone said something to someone else which wasn't true but they believed it anyway and so the whole know how this continues.....turn away...

LAUNDRY piling up in the corner!Pot boiling over on the stove!Phone ringing!"you've got mail!"doorbell ringing, baby crying, dog scratching at the door........breathe  :)  and smile, hum a tune (make a date with your bubble bath tonight and a good book in your WILL get there :)

No matter what is coming your way today....if it is 'kind' to you, if it is a 'soft ' that will allow you to glide through present moment and into the next......EMBRACE IT!!!

If it is a harsh situation.....say a polite "No, thank you".   Just for today.  Just for even this moment.  My Self deserves a 'soft' day..... and that day, is today :)
Shine a 'soft' Light today .... but shine it strongly enough for other people to 'feel the glow'!! :) Have a GREAT one!!