Thursday, November 10, 2011

LET GO of that 'BIG THING' getting in the way of the Light!!

Why do we always have to have 'a big thing' in the middle of our day? You know? The kind of 'thing' that isn't there as SOON as you wake in the morning...buuuuut arrives very shortly on the train as scheduled shortly thereafter.  This is the same thing, burden, trouble spot, anxiety, insecurity that you took to bed last night only to have it dissipate in your dreams while your Higher Self took over and rested your body and mind washing it clean.  Now that you are 'more like your old Self'....
DON'T ALLOW your lower Self access to your new, freshly washed and cleansed perspective first thing in the morning. DON'T LET in the little niggly negative self sabotaging voice!....just don't let it in.  period.
STAY FOCUSED on ALL THINGS POSITIVE in your day, in your life, in your circle of friends,in your family, in your opportunities, in FAITH that there is EVEN MORE good being brought into your life RIGHT NOW. It is on the way. yes it is . Believe and Trust. Smile even!  :)
and you know what? there are STILL going to be 'big things' to deal with (some bigger than others but our lower Self will try to MAKE SURE THAT THEY ALL!!! seem insurmountable!!!  .... keep turning away and focusing on the light of positivity, trust and Faith....its just that easy)  With this new change in perspective, even the REALLY big things are 'do-able', manageable and will be handled in due time with our support staff at our side, our friends, our family, our Angel Team, our's all going to be just fine.
AND it's going to be fine because we have popped the big black balloon of negativity (that our lower Self had taken all that time to blow up and float out into the middle of the room!!) so now,   NOW!! we can see our Light!!! Keep shining.  :)