Monday, November 28, 2011

I am.....

what? what! WHAT ARE YOU? you don't know, you are not sure, you can't decide, so many choices really and then...not many choices at all.....what you feel? CAN'T quite put your finger on the EXACT there a word for it?  well, really it's just that you don't want to commit to any one thing because if you say you are one thing and then things change......then you won't be THAT thing anymore you'll be something else again....and things are ALWAYS changing aren't they really, so you see the quandry.....
or ARE they always changing. ARE you always changing. or ARE you pretty much the same. pretty numb? pretty glum? pretty 'stuck in that rut'? pretty 'shut down' (maybe with brief moments of 'AWAKE' but otherwise plodding along on the treadmill? 

Well, today ...


We will not leave it up to you and you alone then - the 'team' decision for today is that WE ARE JOY. This is so easy to be. and there are so many kinds of joy. Go ahead, you can simply decide in your head and your heart that you want to play, you want to join the team....c'mon, join the team!! There are no tryouts, practise time is 'all the time' and 'game time' is all the time also!!  We need more players and we promise that EVERY BODY gets equal playing time!! There are NO benchwarmers on the JOY team - it's FULL GO all the time - Go big or go home!! It's full-on JOY!!
 While you are playing, make sure you are also recruiting new players -keeping in mind that some of the players you attempt to recruit might not be ready to play the game yet - THAT'S OK! don't let a non-joiner dim your light! just keep playing. Eventually they'll want to see what it is that is 'shining you up' all the time and be desparate to join...and we'll have their uniform and number at the ready!! Because it's tiring playing the game ALL THE TIME when your players are limited - the team needs more and more and more and more players to also be playing - that way the game is MUCH EASIER to enJOY! The game of JOY! Awesome.

So if you are a 'jump up and down' kind of joyful, a 'I am focused on the task at hand and content that I am allowed to be' joyful, a 'sit on a bench and gaze quietly at the clouds' joyful, a 'help someone across the street' joyful, a 'share a cup of coffee with me?' joyful...........etcetcetc.   It's all the same team and we are glad you are on it.
WE ARE JOY. Shine into it :)