Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Go ahead!! it's YOUR TURN!!!

There is your swing - it is your turn. Your Angels have been saving your spot in the lineup and now, NOW it is your turn, finally. YAY!  but wait, if you get on your swing, and start slowly and then start to climb higher and higher and farther out and farther out.....wow, the ground really falls away there...hmmmm.
So, the swing looks fun - and you've been waiting a long time in line for your turn - but now that its your turn it looks like there might be almost as much to lose by trying as there is to gain.....sometimes you can see the safe landing if something goes wrong and .... sometimes you are just....out there...
Archangel Ariel is asking us to just get on the swing.  Your Angel Team WOULD NOT have held your place in line FOR SO LONG if you were not meant to GET ON THE SWING.  She is a champion manifestor and also helps you to have the COURAGE to take a leap of FAITH when the lineup dies off and you find suddenly...it's your turn. Go ahead, trust and have faith that there is a LEGION of support staff that is watching over you while you take your turn.  OH! and it's perfectly OK to enJOY the ride as well!! Keep shining all! and keep swinging too!!

Intuitive Guidance from Stacey MacDonald, Angel Therapy PractitionerAngel Therapy Ontario