Wednesday, November 16, 2011

GET OUT OF THAT BOX!! Learn something NEW!

Yes it's that time again!! It's that time where 'to-dos' are piling up, tension in the air, brain capacity is stretched to maximum, noise level (mostly the noise INSIDE your head!!) is at a fever pitch and THEN you decide to do just the OPPOSITE of what you normally decide to do or think is a good ADD ANOTHER ACTIVITY/APPOINTMENT!
However, this addition is different. It's not FOR anyone else, this one is for you. You have MADE the time to sit on your own (in the car, in the park, scrunched down in the laundry room, basket against the door!! wherever!!) quietly for awhile and thought about 'getting away' one evening or one afternoon a week and JUST FOR A COUPLE OF HOURS (this is NOT going to bring about the end of the world as we know it if we are ABSENT from our regular routine for a couple of hours!) to attend or take part in and enjoy a break from 'the norm'. 
Now, here's the trick.  This particular time we are NOT going to sign up for or on for a class, workshop, lunch date, sporting activity that we would normally do....this is all about getting out of that comfort zone and playing that kids game "Opposite day"!!  Learn something new - DO something new - TALK about something new ....

for example, if you haven't played golf in awhile and haven't gotten together to shoot a few with some golfing buddies .....sign up for tennis lessons.   Never played tennis before? or ANY kind of racquet sport?  PERFECT!

If you remember last holiday season you had such a blast, never mind a truly relaxing time with friends getting ready for the holidays, scrapbooking, crafting and making your own Holiday cards......take a public speaking course.   Do you have a fear of getting up in front of people?  EVEN BETTER! Great choice! Run with it!

Do you normally spend Friday nights relaxing and watching your favourite show (that you record and look forward to all week!) ..... join a running group.  Do you not even quicken your step when the phone is ringing let alone go jogging?  YOU GOT IT! This is the group for you!

Are you getting me here?  You are NOT signing onto this for the rest of your life....This is for the next four weeks.  four times.   do it.
you have absolutely ABSOLUTELY nothing to lose.....
Your soul, your Spirit, your level of confidence in Self, your perspective CHANGES AND GROWS each and every time you step out of your 'box'.  Don't be timid or shy - It's OKAY to say "I don't know how to do that"  "I have never done this before"...In fact, it is the OPPOSITE!  It is empowering!! totally (DO NOT say I am not good at that.....HOW WOULD YOU KNOW THAT?? you have not TRIED!) 
I am asking you to try - but more importantly your Angel Team is ALWAYS asking you to try....everything and anything.  Why? because they want you to GROW forward!!
Sign up for something this week and SHINE brightly on your first try!!