Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"Dismiss what insults your soul" - LOVE it!

I love this message of Walt Whitmans :) When I came across this jewel....I instantly started my standing ovation inside my head!!  (hear! hear! Bravo!!! and the like)
and OF COURSE this is SO true! Not to say that we are to DISMISS everything for sure. SO much of what we are told, shared with, discussed with, what we absorb through osmosis in the informational overload of 'stuff'  that surrounds us (if we let it) on any given day is so true and helps us along our Path exponentially.....and then there is 'the other stuff'....

There is 'stuff' that people say, infer, body language, describe, argue, defend, insult etcetcetc that absolutely stops us in our tracks.  period.
Other stuff is not so 'in your face' - the subtle 'stuff' that is either spoken or just happens  - that I call the 'side door slam'.  You are ticking along quite well through the day then come into contact with a person, persons, or situation that is interesting and a little 'different' and then you move on....you feel fine for the most part but some of the situation is 'sticking' to you, you are rerunning the conversation again and again on a loop in your head as you continue on your day (some of this is done subconsciously) until you realize with CLARITY....HEY! what this person(s) said/didn't say/inferred was very HURTFUL to me! and THAT'S why I am having problems moving past it!! (side door slam!! in action)
It's very difficult, if not impossible to move PAST hurtful situations until we acknowledge that YES! that was hurtful. period.
Acknowledge it. SEE and FEEL that situation as having taken its toll on your spirit.
and then ..... take a deep breath in?.....and...
yes, send it packing. Visualize that hurtful emotion as packing its bags, (buy it a train ticket if you have to and drive it to the station!!) and SEND IT ON ITS WAY.
It was NEVER meant to live with you anyway. Just because someone else said it or did it.....you made a meal for it and fixed up the spare room???!!!
Just because someone said it does NOT MAKE IT TRUE. It just means that someone said it or did it or didn't do it.....that IS ALL. and so.....
dismiss it.
Don't be afraid to "Re-examine all you have been told"   Go back, take a good hard look at what you have been told :)  and FEEL FREE to KEEP WHAT HELPS AND SUPPORTS YOU  and "DISMISS WHAT INSULTS YOUR SOUL". 
and then you can SHINE even brighter!!!