Monday, November 21, 2011

Can you keep a secret?

NO! I do not have a BIG SECRET to share with you today....well, not one that I haven't already shared in previous postings and who knows?? maybe I will have groundbreakinginly HUGE SECRETS to divulge tomorrow...time will tell however in the meantime....the question stands.

Well, can you? Many cannot. Actually, most CAN for the MOST PART however they DO tell one or two people....not the masses....just one or two. But what if one of THOSE people are the type that also have a secret?? and what if THAT secret is that.....they can't keep a secret??!! uh oh. 

It is a VERY special position to be in - when a friend, acquaintance, complete stranger trusts you enough to take you into their confidence, bring you into their circle and share an opinion, a tough situation, a 'monkey on their back' etc. and YES!!!! We have ALL been that person where we have been betrayed by a close friend (sometimes innocently enough but the betrayal stings just the same) after we have shared with them.

Our Angel Teams encourage us to 'be that Rock' for someone. (Notice I did not say 'be the sponge' don't want to 'take on' someone else's problems so that now YOU have their problems and THEY feel better ... there is a way to provide 'safe harbour' for others WITHOUT leaving your Self vulnerable to negativity and despair)
so no.....BE THE ROCK.  Someone who is drowning in the water needs a sturdy rock to climb onto - up and out of the waters of confusion and despair. BE THE ROCK. And stay 'being the Rock' for as long as you need to, as long as they need you to be. You can do it. You get a lot back by being that.   For the day might come round when you 'need a rock' ....and you know what??  There will be a 'rock' there for you too.   :)
so yes! Keep secrets for others (they are not yours to tell), keep a shoulder handy for others to lean on and walk proudly and strongly today as you offer assistance, security and confidence to any who require it.
Shine brightly!