Saturday, November 26, 2011

Breathing 101

and YESyesyes....we all breathe - in and out, breath after breath, from our very first second of this journey to our is a natural process and we do it automatically, effortlessly ...... but do we do it WELL? Are we MAXIMIZING the effect of what proper breathing can do FOR us ? Yes, we are exsisting and maintaining but ... are we BREATHING optimally?
Think about it. We practise everything. We learn something new - we practise. Things that we have been doing since our formative years, (speaking, walking, running, relationship building, sports and fitness activities, creative endeavours) WE PRACTISE. Why? because we want to DO IT BETTER. By doing it better, we are growing, learning, there is a sense of accomplishment and a sense of steady growth that keeps us firmly in our foundation while we are here on this Path.
Breathing? we don't practise as much.....until now.
There are all different kinds of breathing - the 'things are melting down around me' DEEP BREATH IN WITH LOUD EXHALE - eyes glaring, nostrils flaring, usually hands over head or out to the sides.....haha!-generally precedes masses amount of action to correct 'said devastation'!! :) but there is also the fearful breathing - when we breathe little 'panting' breaths, the 'normal' breathing punctuated by moments of holding our breath? what is THAT about?! (generally we somewhat realize we are doing this when we are on the computer or working on a project or the like...), or the 'no breathing at all' really - just 'numbness breathing' of shock and/or a grief period...(knowing and REMEMBERING to focus on breath at ALL of these times helps our connection to our Self and makes EVERY situation more manageable and results more effective.)
When we are stressed/focused/apprehensive/'pushed' we breathe with little half breaths, just enough to keep everything working inside but NOT ENOUGH to keep everything FLOWING (if you catch my drift here). Yes, the heart is pumping, the blood is oxygenated, lungs are filling (kind of) and emptying (kind of) but we are only HALF breathing - we are not CONNECTED and therefore are not able to apply all of our resources within our Selves to the task and matter at hand.  We are AT BEST working at 50% capacity.
Are you ok with that?
 If you were writing an exam and your prof handed back a 50% grade....are you ok with THAT?
 If you asked your associate employees to finish a task by the end of the day and at 5pm they were merely finished HALF of THAT ok?
 if you asked your family to spend a Holiday meal  with you and cooked enough to feed an army and then only HALF of them showed not cool.
and so it is.
WHEN we breathe fully in through our nose right down to our toes and let it fill us and sit with it for just a moment before breathing out fully letting the shoulders, diaphragm, chest lessen and relax as every last bit is exhaled and then we relax and sit with this for just another moment and then beautifully we allow ourSelves to enjoy another deep breath in appreciating every little bit of energy and relaxation and cleansing that comes along with our ability to tune into this wonderful resource and relaxing and fulfilling process that is available to all of us....
.as we take the time to turn our attention to the IMPORTANCE of this...
.the great need we have intrinsically and energetically to ALLOW this energy to accompany our Spirit and buoy us up in times of joy and gratitude, times of despair and frustration, times of 'just floating along enjoying the moment'.... :)
Breathing properly gives our physical bodies an opportunity to connect with our emotional body and then connect with our Spiritual Self.....3 in one....mindful breathing to connect mind, body and soul.....breathe in.....yes.....breathe out.....SO good!!
Shine into your breathwork today and FEEL CONNECTED :)