Monday, November 7, 2011


IN YOU!  yes! Believe in you. your SELF. yes, of course, believe in the other guy too - believe in the goodness of humanity, believe in your children, your marriage, your family, yesyesyesyesyes.
We believe in so much (mmmm, I believe I'll have another piece of pie!!  hah!) no, really we BELIEVE in so much!!! WHY !! ? are we SO reticent to believe in ourselves.  (and you know when I say that I am NOT TALKING LIP SERVICE HERE - WHEN WE TALK ABOUT BELIEVING IT IS BELIEVING......right down to our toes. no doubt, no hesitancy, no way. all in or all out.
We do it for other people.
We do it for other events.
We especially do it for those we love.
so - are we talking about BELIEVING? or are we talking about SELF LOVE? love of self=belief in self =strong sense of self esteem and confidence=strong ability to get things done confidently and knowing that not only are you capable but you are the ONLY person who can get this job done the right way because your own UNIQUE CAPABILITIES must be leant to this particular project to enable it to succeed on EVERY LEVEL!!!!
yes. that is EXACTLY what I am talking about. BELIEF IN ONE'S SELF STARTS   TOOOOO-DAAAAY!
and yeah, is the wind blowing? are there a THOUSAND other people who look like you and say they can do what you do only better (and maybe even secretly want to BE you?? haha!!)  SURE!! is the sky grey? ya! are the clouds ominous? sometimes!
but guess what? doesn't matter.
you are you. you are AMAZING. and YOU BELIEVE IN YOU. more than ANYTHING else today that is true and the WHOLE day we are going to wear that in our heart! 

Affirm, "I believe in me more than I have EVER believed in me before - and it feels good. Really good. and it feels RIGHT. I know that I have been overdue for this self belief to be extended to my Self and my Higher Self and today, I honour that. I will wear this 'self Belief' every day proudly"