Sunday, November 20, 2011

Balance your energy...AND MANIFEST your goals!!!

There are a thousand, nay a MILLION reasons to spend more time outside.  INSIDE, there is always work to be done. People know where to FIND you. (haha!) Phones are ringing, computers are beeping and even JUST the daily static of life going on around you is sometimes completely deafening and confusing. In our quest for clarity, understanding and PEACE, calm, love, light etc......INSIDE can be very challenging and hindering in this manner.
Outside is a different story. and YES! Outside sometimes takes some work to get there (coats, hats, umbrella maybe, WHERE ARE MY SHOES/KEYS/SUNGLASSES????!!!) but it can be very worth it.
Do NOT be  an 'excuse maker'. ....too hot, too cold, too windy, too rainy, too snowy, not enough time, will wait and go with husband/friend/kids (go AGAIN later but DO go NOW!),  I have nowhere to go, I'll go tomorrow etc.  none of that please.
and WHILE it is wonderful to walk along the forest floor with a babbling brook beside you and that should be found and cherished whenever you get the same effect simply STEPPING outside and walking around the block (or a couple of blocks)  Even just taking your tea out on the balcony, closing your eyes and letting the breeze, wind, sun, rain 'breeze you off'.  !!

Right, so which benefits exactly are to be gained? Being outside has a wonderful balancing effect on our chakras, our energy centres within our body. Any negative or harsh energy that is around any (or all!!)  of our chakra points is able to be removed or at least 'watered down' when we step outside and BREATHE in our outdoor air -- feeling all of its purity fill our chakra centres and releasing any impurities that are attached to us. Our own energy/prana/chi is revitalized in this way.  (Water has a very similar effect - you know how you feel when you are 'bogged down' and then you jump in the lake, the pool, the hot tub or even just take a shower or bath - it is actually doing more than cleansing our physical bodies but also cleansing and clearing our spiritual and emotional side as well)
Outside also brings us side by side with the Nature Angels. My favourite. - they are my favourite because they are small but mighty! and they are similar to the other Angels and yet different - in that they are a wee bit 'fickle'!!! haha! and make me laugh also! It seems like an oxymoron to call an Angel fickle but they are! They will "do for you" IN ANY AND EVERY WAY as long as (this is where the fickle part comes in) you 'do for them'  :) 
How do you 'do for them'?  Spending time outside, picking up litter outside, filling up a birdfeeder, placing ANOTHER birdfeeder outside, planting and caring for your garden, someone else's garden, looking after your local park, recycling, becoming more and more environmentally AWARE and TAKING ACTION on your newfound information  (be a 'do-er! no lip service)  Even just your actionable steps each day towards your own personal environment are MORE THAN ENOUGH to catch their attention.  And you WANT to catch their attention because all of your actionable steps are like 'paying into an account' with the Nature Angels and they are more than happy to pay it back to you with interest...and they will....and they DO!!   HOW?  Well, yes the Nature Angels are part of that 'balancing the chakra exercise' also to be sure, also they circle around you PHYSICALLY and pour their good energy into any physical ailment also (picture a NASCAR driver pulling in the pit, he/she is just sitting there in the car while the pit crew goes to work switching tires, fuelling up, topping up oils, tightening this, loosening that etc.....YOU are the driver and the Nature Angels are your pit crew :)
NEVER MIND, they are also CHAMPION MANIFESTORS. NO ONE even comes close to their ability to bring whatever and whichever dream, vision, goal to fruition than them.  Work CLOSELY with them to ensure any manifestation you have 'on your books'.  and it all hinges on .... stepping outside.  :) Go ahead!! Pay into their account while you are there, see how much you can give to them and enJOY the benefits of having the Nature Angels as your 'pit crew'. Be vigilant and be consistent and prove to them that you are able to 'stay the course' with your commitment to them and reap your rewards!
Shine into Nature!