Sunday, October 2, 2011

Whatever flows from you - also flows around you

What kind of environment do you want to live in? what kind of relationships do you want to have? what would you like your marriage to be like? how would you like opportunities to come to you? how do you want to feel? how do you want others in your circle to feel? how do you want them to treat you?
Sit with these questions for a moment and then picture yourself in a swimming pool -swimming from one side to the other, the stroke you are using is the head-up breast stroke...from there you are able to smile at those swimming around you calmly moving through the water with barely a ripple of water moving around you.  Now picture yourself swimming across the same pool doing the front crawl fast and furiously, bent on reaching your goal regardless of anyone in your path, breathing and gasping and splashing your way to your destination not stopping to notice anything except the time on the clock marking your pace.
  Another picture the angels are showing us this morning is those people who prefer swimming in the river, going with the flow allowing tthe current to take them bobbing aand swirling along to their destination . Using the same analogy, the poeple who bob along the current for awhile and then when it gets too brisk and boisterous, maybe a bit challenging (this is usually in life where there is an imminent breakthrough) and THEN? those poeple grab the nearest rock or tree limb and hang on for dear life in spite of all the sticks and leaves and other floatables in the river that pile up on their back because they have created a blockage of flow and now have to bear the burden of their fear in this manner.
If you would like to live in an environment with peole and in relationships where you are able to keep your head up and greet those around you calmly and vice versa, getting to where you need to be in the time it takes to get there... then in your actions and words to yourSelf and to others today - picture smooth, clear flowing water emanating from you to those around you. Go with the flow, bend twist compromise, enJOY and feel the flow of compassion and love flow from your Self to others. Sure, there still may be some ripples --- but stay in the flow, be patient and the current will take you to where you need to go. 
Keep shining 'in your flow' !!  :)