Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Throw OPEN your arms AND RECEIVE!!!!!!

Oh wow!!! DRINK in the AWESOME power of today! right now!  There is absolutely nothing like the feeling of standing out in a field all by your Self....MILES of field stretching out in all directions, MILES and miles of space, air, life giving energy between you and that beautiful blue sky and that revitalizing power of the sun, MILES of ground between you and centre Earth, the grounding life force of Mother Earth pulsing beneath your feet....
all of this for you.  as you stand there.  SO SMALL in the Universe that 'ticks along' with or without you, whether you are relaxing, sleeping, laughing, crying, controlling (or trying your best to! and miserable failing because WE CANNOT CONTROL THINGS - WE MUST GO WITH THE FLOW!! but I digress....haha!) working, playing etc.
for you. all for you.
so PAY ATTENTION! Be THANKFUL for ALL that is provided for you today. and yesterday. and yesterday before that. and tomorrow. and....the thing is - it is ALL there for us whether we are paying attention or not...whether we are grateful or not.  THAT is unconditional love and it surrounds us everyday.  now THAT is truly something to be grateful for!!
THROW OPEN YOUR ARMS WIDE and receive abundance into your heart TODAY! It is there for the taking!  so TAKE IT!!
and keep Shining :)