Sunday, October 30, 2011


That's ok! Here's the thing tips....the sun IS NOT going to shine every day.  yup. that's right.  it just isn't going to.  stinks.
some days (weeks!) we are just sitting there minding our own business, ticking along beautifully....feeling the beauty in the air, giving thanks for all that we have around us, taking in our surroundings, feeling the love.....and THEN??  AND THEN????  WOW.
there it is. the wakeup call. The person, place or thing (that can actually be somewhat of a permanent fixture on parade day? and if that is so then we have a larger deal to work with.....for SURE!) but right now we are talking about this 'thing' that while we are sitting there minding our own business and wishing others would do the same (haha!) we feel a few drops, then a few more and then SLAM!!! IT'S like a water balloon in the face!! Negativity and bad karma rain down on us from OUT OF NOWHERE and what can you do?? The parade is somewhat dampened but continues anyway (because focused positive people persevere even in the middle of a monsoon!!) however, the silver lining has been a bit tarnished.
Right, enough with the meandering analogies for the moment (in spite of how I LOVE them!) It's time to get to the grit as this is a subject that is VERY close to my heart.  (cue drumroll)
There are people in this world that LOVE parades...
.and there are people in this world who LOVE to rain on them....
and so be it.
Each serves a purpose to be sure. Parade people spend an enormous amount of time annually wearing rose coloured glasses and a dose of reality needs to be had in order to keep that balance.  Conversely, Raincloud people spend an enormous amount of time shielding themselves from any type of emotion, tut-tutting and poo-poohing themselves into a very dark and dismal corner.  Balance between the two is a beautiful AND PRODUCTIVELY POSITIVE place to work with, deal from, enJOY and ACCOMPLISH REAL GOALS FOR YOUR SELF AND FOR OTHERS.  BALANCE.

I DO personally LOVE this picture. This little guy is sitting minding his business and yet suddenly feels life raining on his parade.  Instinctively! (I am assuming he has not at this point consulted his life manual, Reiki manual, Angel Therapy manual or any point inbetween!! haha!) however, he INSTINCTIVELY reaches down to solidify his foundation to maintain his position while he is being attacked or his position weakened in any way and AT THE SAME TIME REACHES UP to ensure that he is shielded from any further damage....and HE IS SHIELDED -  as we all are! (our Angel Team makes sure of that and in particular, Archangel Michael - this is his specialty and any time you need shielding he is RIGHT THERE for you! so don't hesitate!!)

If our roots are solid (our integrity, our foundation, our M.O.) and we are quite sure as we reach up that we have a firm belief in the protection of our Angel Team to shield us from any and all negativity that may fly our way(any harsh situation, any toxic situation etc)....we are good! We are protected above and we are firm in our foundations!....ALL SYSTEMS GO!! There is NOTHING we cannot accomplish. period. really. FEEL this and KNOW this.
If you don't KNOW  this (and I mean KNOW it right down to your toes) then you need to try it. Next time you feel the rain drops start.....reach down.....reach up.....and FEEL SOLID!  There is no need to call a halt to the parade!!!! Just keep going darlin' and KNOW that you can just keep SHINING from wherever you are at!!....REGARDLESS of the weather!  Shine on!