Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Believe...

I Believe the Divine lives within each one of us

I Believe we can heal our Selves

I Believe we can help others to awaken their own healing power

I believe in pure joy

I believe bliss lies in simplicity

I believe the answer to every issue becomes available when you open your mind to possibility

I believe that learning to live in the present moment is the key to uncovering 'the power of Self'

I believe laughter is powerful in its healing capacity

I believe compassion and love provide a gateway and safe passage through anger and fear to a new landscape of greater understanding and peace

I believe we set down our own Paths before we come here on this Journey and feel a comfortable fit as we unite with people and situations that allow us to reach our milestones.

I believe we are all "human connectors" between Mother Earth and the Divine. I believe wherever we have walked we leave a footprint of the Unity - a column of Light in our Path to shine for others.

 I believe everyday that I believe creates more to believe in.

I believe in the power of one.

I believe in the power of many - working together as One.

I believe in Believing.