Wednesday, October 19, 2011

hmmmm....which rock to choose for the best view? :)

A GREAT BIG analogy today! as we place our Selves on the beach building our tower of stones - over the course of the day, the week, the year(s) :) we strive for balance and experience a constant rush of human emotions as we challenge ourSelves to find JUST THE RIGHT balance for EVERYTHING!!...and just like when we were kids and worked on our beach towers similarly in our life we feel we have placed the stones well - or have tried very much to do so, our chief responsiblility at the time was to ensure there was  a solid foundation and each decision on which rock to place, how to place it and then test it to make sure the 'wobble factor' was reduced to a minimum!! haha!  Then the next decision of which rock to place NEXT. Choose a rock as flat as possible, large enough to hold the next rock and the next and the next.....we actually don't know how many rocks we will be asked to place on our tower however - our main area of focus is that ... the tower is  balanced.
When the tower is balanced you are not limited as to how many rocks you can add on. (You know the towers where the 3rd and 4th rock have been chosen poorly and so as you add 7,8 and 9 the tower starts leaning drastically to the left and then, and then......awwww!! down it goes! Yes, we ALL know that feeling!.....a few minutes to look in disbelief, bury your face in your hands and then what do you do?? YES.  you simply start again - having learned some lessons on what rocks to pick that best suit you, and your tower and how to place them.- SOME of the same rocks can be reused in the new endeavour and some need to be traded out... It quite often feels even BETTER building the tower this time as you are WISER and more confident :)
THIS tower is getting stronger and higher day by day, moment by moment - the foundation is stronger, the building is guided and therefore there are NO LIMITS!
EnJOY your tower today! Whatever height it is at this moment in time - maybe you feel you have not built high enough to really see much from the top, maybe your tower USED to be higher but then it 'crashed down' and you have had to start over or MAYBE  you feel it is SO HIGH that you don't dare BREATHE for it may come crashing down?  FORGET ALL THAT!!! YOUR foundation is STRONG! Your belief is STRONG! Stride up to your tower and start climbing...grab ahold of your stones and climb each rock saying a prayer of gratitude for each lesson you have learned and gained from when you placed it...climb higher, higher and when you get to the top....SIT DOWN :) and closing your eyes...deep breath IN.....exhale out (loudly and fully, mouth slightly open, exhale right down to your toes!) now do it again, do it 3 times.  :)    Open your eyes..... Nice view :)

When you FEEL you are full to the brim with appreciation of your Self and your abilities.....

CLIMB DOWN AND KEEP BUILDING!!!! haha!  oh, and keep shining too!! :)