Thursday, October 13, 2011

Grab that morning time and run with it folks!!

 That's right!! ugh, the alarm is going off (because last night you were BENT on setting a new routine this morning) BEST foot forward and the morning has come now and you are getting up EXTRA EARLY to ensure you can have your cup of coffee before the rest of the world has woken up and CAPITALIZE on that intense energy that is practically palpable in the quiet morning air just before the dawn.  Not a morning person? DOES NOT MATTER! This energy, this opportunity to connect fully with your Angel team in person, one on one is available to all of us and it is as simple as setting a pattern and letting them know that you are (somewhat! haha!) awake, ready and listening and DRINKING IN the beautiful morning energy!
In all seriousness folks, if you try it - you will know what I mean. Each day seems to get incrementally busier and busier - the energy and demands of the day can be felt prickling along our nervous systems much like static on a radio station. BEFORE all that happens - in the morning, JUST before the dawn is a magical time where even stepping out on the front porch or the balcony, FEELING the silence and allowing the notion of being the ONLY one awake in this sleeping world and therefore you have ALL of the twinkling stars energy to drink in all to your Self, all of the Angels and Archangels and Nature Angels attention all to your Self as they notice you standing there, so small in this great big world silently awaiting your download of peace and calm and quiet - an inner knowingness that no matter what today brings - it will NOT IN ANY WAY be as BIG or as AWESOME as this wonderful connection you have made with the Divine this morning. Together with this awesome partnership been forged as the sun greets the world in a yellow haze on the distant turn to go in, vibrating with energy, having been cleansed of ANY doubts on your ability to meet any challenge with your newfound and welcomed back up team :) and are ready to greet the day - EXHILARATED!!!
Don't miss the next show! Its worth it!!  Let the morning rays Light up your Shine and shine it back onto everyone you meet all day long!!  :)