Saturday, October 29, 2011

Drink in your Angel Rays!

There is no change quite like our changing of the seasons. In Canada as in many parts of the world we have a sense of awe and wonder at the constant change of the weather, the landscapes and the different feelings and emotions they all seem  to excavate from within us. Currently, in the deep days of autumn with the frost on the roofs in the morning, the furnace kicking in in the middle of the night and getting caught by surprise as the outside is SO chill at the beginning and end of each day - however we still have these BEAUTIFUL warm sunrays breaking through the skies LIGHTING UP the fall leaves and warming us from the outside in.
Feeling, TRULY FEELING the suns rays on us at ANY point in any season and in any part of the world is like a deep relaxation spa therapy provided for you directly from the Divine! and especially at this time of the year I find the waning intenseness of the sun just before we plunge HEAD FIRST to winter....the most cherished.
 Sunrays (also called Angel rays in my house :) are GOOD LUCK!  When you spot them from afar (driving in the car down the highway ... especially on the way to a sporting event! a great omen also!) or see and feel them streaming into your windows of your house.... or are out for a walk and see and FEEL THEIR GRANDEUR and HARMONY seeping into you, feeling their bliss on your cheeks and forehead, warming the top of your head and's just like you are physically feeling your Angels sitting on your shoulders, putting their hands on your cheeks and lending you support and comfort.  Look for your sun rays....your Angel rays! and FEEL their healing and comforting energy working on you and all that is around you. Shine back at them and feel the bliss.

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