Thursday, October 27, 2011

Change is SCARY!!

Oh my gosh!! CHANGE? what change?  good, bad, up, down, new, old, any way it will be DIFFERENT!  different from today and there is virtually NO WAY of knowing FOR SURE if these changes will affect me positively in a myriad of ways, short term or long term and in general unless and until....I experience it.
Even just writing about it has quickened my heart rate and eyes are a little wider as my mind automatically starts ticking back, back, back through time to all of the changes I have endured, undergone, looked forward to , DREADED, been surprised at, taken in stride etc.   .... and yet here I sit.
Here I sit with another change coming my way and I KNOW it is for my 'greater good' haha!! what's more I have felt it coming for awhile (a couple of years anyway) and I was initially overwhelmed when it came up in my face but then I giggled a bit under my breath and nodded - yup, here it is.  and so....
I STILL am wondering a MILLION things!! have you been there? are you there now?? worried a bit, excited a bit, trying to think of all and any loose ends you could tie up NOW instead of leaving it till you are in the thick of it??!  yes, well....

Change as we know is part of the 'schtick' while we are here on this journey of we change (either kicking and screaming or embracing it!!!) we are growing! and therefore EXPERIENCING more of what we are meant to on this journey! ticking off some of those boxes that we agreed to do with our Angel Team before we got here and started our Path! 
As 'scary' as it is...ya gotta do it !  :)  so 'buckle down and GIT ER DONE!!' and remember, great results are not made overnight....inch by inch, step by step, feeling your way, leaning on your intuition, listening to your Angel guidance (after all THEY are the ones who got you into this!! and they are the BEST kind of support staff!!) will round this corner brilliantly and beautifully!!

So keep going.  Step by Step.  enJOY it!! Yeah, that's right! Here's a tip!...have some FUN with it!! So, you are NEW  at something!! Just buck up and enjoy the heck out of it!  and KEEP SHINING!!!!!