Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Celebrate! do you remember how?

Oh my goodness!! We strive and strive to reach a milestone that we have had in our heads and minds and dreams for so long - how long??! can't remember! just so long the striving has become part of us, our daily routine to think about , check back on, put it on the prayer list, the affirmation list, the "I'll be happy when I reach that milestone" list....
and then?  WE GET THERE.
YAY? good for me? well done me? hip hip and "for I'm the jolly good everything"??! uh....er....actually, not so much. perhaps a quick revelation and then back in the car, driving back and forth, groceries to get, phones to answer, laundry to do....
NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!  STOP.
you got there. sit down and let that wash over you in a big big BIG way. Dial back to the time when you were lost and looking for some direction, choosing a goal, a milestone to reach for. Networking with others and feeling your way, making your choices about HOW to do it, WHEN TO DO IT, how much is too much, how much is not enough..etcetcetc.  Alot of YOU went in to the accomplishment. Alot of inner guidance was followed....YOU LISTENED and YOU ACHIEVED. You are there.
and YES! I KNOW that now that you are there - there is SO MUCH MORE TO ALSO LEARN AND SPIN OFF FROM and this achievement also shows you that there is so much MORE TO DO , to  LEARN...YES! and you are right. There is and you will.
But not today. Today you Celebrate :) and maybe tomorrow too. Celebrate within your Self and fully and COMPLETELY in a very self assured, confident and self satisfied way!! pat your Self on the back! Smile to yourSelf! ALL DAY! Tell your inner child that so strives for YOUR OWN ACKNOWLEDGEMENT that you did good. really really good!!
Keep shining! and allow your Self to 'shine brighter'!! as you Celebrate!!  :)