Sunday, October 16, 2011

BEWARE of the glass ceiling!

Sure we have all had at least one glass ceiling at one point in time....what? ya? do you think you might have one now in some area of your life? no kidding!  of course you do - we all do!  you might not even realize it (or perhaps you very much do realize it and you have quite the goose egg on top of your forehead from continually SMACKING INTO your glass ceiling on a regular basis!)  Maybe your 'one of those' who has JUST SUCCESSFULLY poked a hole in (one of) your glass ceiling and are VERY MUCH enjoying the view....well done! good on you!!
and who do you think is the glassmaker?  right, it is US! WE alone have placed so many misconceptions, barriers, perceptions, excuses, anxious thoughts, self sacrificing duties etcetcetc on OUR SELVES! that while we are doing this we are carefully fabricating a beautiful glass ceiling directly over our heads. From this vantage point we can SEE where we would like to go (in fact this pops quite frequently into our line of vision) we can even see OTHER people get where we would like to go, we can even dream (dare we) about SOME DAY breaking through all those barriers and restrictions and POKING A SMALL HOLE in that glass ceiling and enjoying the view from the top!

So try it...WOW!! WHAT A RUSH!! no limitations, no restrictions, no excuses, no fear just grand grand thoughts and dreams and goals accomplished!! Sure, there is risk is not as 'safe' up here....but, we can BREATHE again and we can LAUGH again!! we are truly living now!!!! not 'waiting' to live.
So, SOMEDAY is now TODAY! Break through your glass ceiling.  Now in your head. Just DO IT! Strip away all the barriers, misconceptions, excuses, anxious thoughts etc and FEEL IT crumble above you and separate enough for you to poke your head up around you and see sights that you have never SEEN before....starting with the Self that you have never SEEN before!! like it?  haha! I thought so!! me too!  (*and think of the Windex we'll save!!*) haha!! Keep shining!