Thursday, October 20, 2011

Allow your TRUE SELF to shine through!!!

Be your Self! Out loud and proud. Wear your heart on your sleeve. Shout out your emotions!  Feeling low? let it show. (and then LET IT GO! as my kids always remind me!! ha!) FEELING GREAT?? don't hesitate! get it out there and SHARE it! Shine it out there to everyone you meet and everyone you see and Shine your good fortune and great energy into your community ALL DAY LONG!!

We live in a world of 'busybusy' and in this world our emotions and the way we truly TRULY FEEL  too often get shoved down into the course of events that avalanche into our day.  We MAY feel a bit sad, a bit frightened, a LOT EXCITED about personal events or opportunities or achievements etc at certain times through the day but ...oops! SQUASH IT DOWN cuz there is NO TIME to FEEL that right now...I must deal with this phone call, this email, this appointment, this feeding for the baby, this carpool to work, to soccer etcetcetc. "I will feel that later".
Have you ever done that?? "I will feel that later?"  ok, LET'S START PUTTING OUR FEELINGS IN OUR DAILY AGENDA - yes? Let's as a group grab our smartphones and schedule in  between 6 and 6:15 this evening 'joy'/ 'anger' /'frustration'/ 'confusion'/'excitement' ....making a special note that this particular meeting with Self MUST NOT extend beyond 6:15 as you have another engagement with someone or something else (other than YOU and therefore MORE IMPORTANT than YOU and naturally more important than you actually and sincerely TAKING TIME for your emotions! haha!)

ok, really? is this where we are at??  of course not! (at least not yet!) no.
Today, WEAR YOUR TRUE FEELINGS AS A STAMP OF APPROVAL! Do NOT under-react to situations, do NOT over-react to situations....simply and confidently RESPOND to each situation individually as you allow your TRUE FEELINGS to show you the way. Be your Self. and be empowered doing so!
Keep shining!!