Wednesday, October 26, 2011

ACE that test!!!

Ace-ing the test. Remember that feeling?  Getting that question at recess, walking home after school, or from your mom or dad at dinner time or later on at college or University...that feeling after the exam when you KNOW you finished well.....'how did the test go?"  ....  smiling, "I ACED it".  awesome.

HOW did we manage it? was there a special equation that we followed? did we eat something special for breakfast that morning? did we wish extra hard on a star in the night sky previously?  maybe.  But 'dollars to donuts' I would say that more than likely we prepared. We listened, we studied, we understood, we asked questions, we followed our intuition, we STAYED CALM and went through our preparations methodically and BELIEVED that we could do this. and?  WE DID!! and we did it WELL.  AND CONFIDENTLY! because we prepared and we believed!
On a much larger scale and also a much smaller scale this very same methodology can be applied to ABSOLUTELY any other situation, obstacle, challenge, new venture or tricky situation we come across on a daily basis.  Once we have prepared fully - THAT'S when the believing comes in. 
and on the way to the test, when the ego starts to play its tricky games and try to wiggle its way into our subconscious with negative thoughts - we PUSH it away and focus on calming breaths.  Keeping our breath even and steady we visualize EVERY breath in comes the BELIEF and TRUST in ourSelves and the full support of our Angel Team.........and with every breath out....goes any doubts, fears or anxieties.  NOTHING to feel anxious about!   WE are PREPARED and we are SUPPORTED!!
So go ahead today and PREPARE! do some legwork in an area where you feel less than fully confident in!! Get that extra work done and then sit back and let your Angels do the rest!!  :)  and Keep shining while you do it!!