Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Yellow flowers.....mmmm....enJOY!

Is there anything better?  I LOVE the 'mums' (chrysanthemums) this time of year - a BURST of yellow to jolt some beautiful lighthearted energy through my soul as my eyes are drawn to the pot of flowers on the front step...always brings a smile :)  SUNFLOWERS!! the royalty of the yellow flowers.....yellow tulips....24 of them in a vase...simple but posh, sunny grandeur :)
Yellow flowers are a 'trigger' for me that cause me to stop and marvel ... and smile.  We all have these 'triggers' however don't maybe indulge them all that much. These 'triggers' are generally not expensive luxury items and some don't cost anything at all....other than your time to notice them.  The sound of rain falling, waves at the beach, (even waves on a CD with your eyes closed will do in a pinch!! haha!) the feel of the sun on your face, a hug from someone.....
Spend some time today with your 'trigger' :) STOP, MARVEL AND SMILE INTO YOUR WORLD!  and enJOY!! That's the point. That is why we are here.  Let's do it!!
Keep shining!