Friday, September 2, 2011

Set the stage for 'Inner YOU' to SHINE!!

Going forward ALLOW YOUR INNER VOICE  its turn at the podium!! Yes! that's right!! let the 'surface you, the cardboard cutout you, the "I don't have time for this I have to get to work/the grocery store/the gym/my kids school/my appointment" YOU to step aside.....BREATHE.... and allow your inner voice 'the floor'.
At first, this inner voice may be silent, not ever been given time to view its opinions and options and so continued silence of 'busy you' will only lend confidence to the 'inner you', the 'real you', the YOU that your Angel team can communicate with.  :)  This voice may then start off chattering away to you regularly and often , however is more likely to start the ball rolling with 'twinges of feeling/intuition' and then one word clues (**learning exercise** these 'random' words/phrases can be jotted down as at this stage that one word will be random on its own however when placed with another word you will get later....the meaning is sometimes very useful in guiding you on your Path - so keep a jot notepad close at hand to record the words or phrases that come to you as you are learning to open up to your 'inner you') however one word, an image, a feeling from your inner voice will gradually (as long as the belief and faith is there) lead to confident, strong, inner guidance that you can tune into whenever you feel the need. :)
AWESOME! GREAT!! so TAKE TIME (even a few deep breaths while your on the subway is enough to signal your 'busy you' away and set the stage for the 'inner you' to shine through.)
 SO! keep shining and set the stage to LISTEN to YOU! :)