Saturday, September 24, 2011

Reach out for that Quiet Strength within you :)

Quietly inching forward into the weekend we find ourSelves coming to terms with our inner power.  This STRENGTH does not come as it has before....GUNG HO! vibrating at an extremely high level, with much HOORAH and stomping around, fist in the air feeling of STRENGTH, power and forward movement.....haha!! No, this is different.
This STRENGTH is a feeling of inner Strength and fortitude. A quiet sense of 'knowingness' and a steady progression of seeing through the 'to-dos' in order to meet with goals at a time when it is best that they are met. We are not in control of EVERY LITTLE (and big) opportunity that comes our way however as we meet each day and each moment in our day with our sense of STRENGTH we are more than able to quietly recognize when there is opportunity knocking at our door....AND we have the time to answer.  Nice.
Quiet STRENGTH. Strength from within. Strength that partners easily with Peace. Beautiful. Keep shining and feel your own Strength within --- Rise & SHINE :)