Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's ALL about making GREAT CHOICES!! yup, it's THAT simple!!

and so it is...we ARE and we ACT and we FEEL and we THINK as how we choose to. period.   hmmmm.

tell me, what 'coat' do you put on in the morning? what 'baggage' do you instantly pick up the minute your feet hit the floor. Is your 'coat' strewn with judgement on your Self and on others, precariously wearing your 'coat' while you tiptoe around in your glass house??? FORGET IT!!
  Let's hit that reset button!!  Seriously, let's sit on a bench somewhere next to a busy sidewalk and let the world go by for a number of minutes while we take off our 'coat(s)' (and if you are NOT wearing one then 'good on you' and CARRY ON!! Light the Path!) and set down our baggage and feel our load get not only lighter but simpler.  All of the 'stuff' that we carry around through our 'busybusy' not only affects others around us but most importantly, really REALLY affects us in everything that we do, say, feel, think and that affects our physical actions (or inactions) and THAT AFFECTS our emotions, our intuition (or lack thereof) and NOW!!!! we don't have ANY positive conection with others, our SELVES and also the connection with our Angel team has been seriously distorted (like trying to listen to an accurate message when someone is shouting into a tin can on a string while you hold the other one - a MILE AWAY!! haha!)
Right! So! simple,  yes? YES!  When you feel the urge to steer your thoughts in a direction where you see some 'negative' or judgement' ahead....steer the other way. If you are in a conversation where you see it 'going downdowndown' ....Don't be like the captain of the ship and go down with it! :)  either get in a lifeboat and paddle away or plug the hole where the leak is and lift the conversation to new heights!  Set a new standard for your Self and for all of the interaction you have throughout the course of the day!  WHY? because YOU are worth it! and so is everyone else so let's make some GREAT CHOICES - CHOOSE to live and act and think and feel - simple, lighter, positive, joyful, tolerant, peaceful etc and enJOY  spirited movement forward - together! :)
Keep shining!