Monday, September 12, 2011

If life is a book.....then what chapter are you on??

For sure on this great journey of ours we can easily equate our paths, our comings and goings, our situations, our joys, our successes, our low points, frustrations, devastations, our 'stuckness'....(that's when we are not on ANY chapter at all but have decisively 'stuck' our bookmark in to mark the page, set the book down and sit on the couch with our arms crossed waiting for life to hand the book back to us!!) with a book.  Our book.  How does it read? what is the theme? who are the characters? WHAT CHAPTER ARE YOU ON???
For me, looking back I can easily see the chapters that formed Part I and then I can see (oooh, actually I can FEEL the circumstance(s) that brought me abruptly to the beginning of Part II.....notice I did NOT say the ending of Part I.....**always turn to the 'beginnings' when circumstances show you, you are at the 'ending' of a chapter - that is an opportunity to focus on and wait with ANTICIPATION for the 'begining'!!**
and yes, the chapters carried on and I can recount them all and laugh, smile, pat mySelf on the back, put on my 'cringeface' and question "WHY did I do/say that?", cry, carry on etc but the chapters are all there and that has brought me to Part III. 
There have been chapters that I am ready to toss it all, put in my bookmark and sit down and just - stop. done. and there have been chapters where not only am I READY to do that...I DID THAT.  boo.

Right, so it is important to know in our heart of hearts that for the most part...we are NOT WRITING these chapters (sure, we have our own free will and obviously choices to make within each scenario that guides us on to the next chapter) but BELIEVE you me, if it takes the next 20 chapters for you to learn a lesson that you set down for yourSelf with your Guides and Angel Team before you started this pathway....then your Team of guidance will keep setting up the overall theme of your chapters so you keep having this lesson (they are very clever about somewhat 'disguising' this lesson within different scenes and with different characters) until you 'get over the hump' and truly know and learn that lesson....and GROW forward.  Nice. :)
So, if you are at a particularly boring part of your book, or a frustrating part of your book...recognize the common themes your Angel Team is showing you (write them down if you have to...there ARE common denominators here!!) and MOVE PAST the GOOD STUFF!! you CAN do it! for sure, otherwise it would not be in your book.  period.
Bottom line is? you are not doing it alone and if you need help to get into Part III or into Part IV or wherever you need a 'leg up' ..... reach out to your Angel Team and allow them ...YES, ALLOW THEM.... into your life and into your Book on a conscious level.  :)
Keep shining all!