Thursday, September 15, 2011

GOOD & GREAT things are possible, nay!! PROBABLE!!

So, c'mon now - what has you a little worried today? what EXACTLY is it? can you put a finger on it? just a general feeling of buzzing anxiety, a tenseness, , a pressure that has you breathing little short breaths instead of big deep relaxed ones, has your mind preoccupied and at the same time running so quickly and jumping from topic to topic but going nowhere???? or a sense of well being PUNCTUATED by mini (or full scale!) anxiety attacks?  or a medley of all of the above....
C'mon, you are going in circles anyway! let's BREAK THIS DOWN!!
Go get a cup of coffee or tea or lemon water or .... something! :) and sit quietly with or without a piece of paper and a pen (I do all of my thinking on paper) and remember to bring your 'gut feel' with you, your intuition....and start listing all of the things that your mind is rocketing around on from the tall to the small, large down to miniscule items that are going through your 'live wire' mindset....
NOW look at this list (and there will be extra ones that pop in to your mind as you do this, that's ok...add em on!)  and find THAT ONE THING on the list that REALLY gets your 'gut' flipping, has you in its trance (ie. wow, I can't believe I even WROTE that down for fear that would make it 'more real' and might actually happen (or not happen whichever is worse)!!)
Look at it, underline it and fixate on this issue. Let it roll around inside your head, think of all of the issues that would compound THIS issue, let it grow and grow in your mind until you have arrived at the single most WORST, dire result that could come from this--- feel it, live it, shoulder the full weight of it.  breathe.
There. Done. You have done it. you worried about it, it came to life and now you are dialling back to NOW.
All of the things your very visual mind has envisioned, the places it has taken you...HAS NOT HAPPENED. You are sitting at the table with a warm cup of cofffee, breathing and relaxing.  You are ready to begin your day now. NOT THE "IMAGINED DIRE RESULTS DAY". The Real day. Your day. Present Moment day.
When life, worries, anxieties etc has you living present moment as if you are plugged into an outlet tingling with nerves....dial back to present moment, feel your Angel Team around you fully supporting you and guiding you as they tell you that truly, in the NOW, All is Well ....and truly this is the ONLY where we can truly enJOY - NOW.
 So, bask in the knowledge that you are not doing this alone, you are FULLY supported in the NOW by your Angel Team. Do NOT let your ego/lower Self try to control your ability to feel pure joy in each moment by playing out makebelieve scenarios that it tries to persuade and CONVINCE you that are inevitable....GOOD AND GREAT THINGS ARE JUST AS POSSIBLE, nay! PROBABLE!!
If you want to fixate on something....feel THAT!!
Now, stay in PRESENT MOMENT  --- BELIEVE ---- & BREATHE!!!
oh, and uh....keep shining!  ;)