Saturday, September 3, 2011

Eyes forward please - always forward!!

Simple - to make progress forward you MUST keep your eyes forward.   :)
No one drives a speedboat across the lake, head turned over one shoulder staring fixedly at the wake the boat leaves behind. No one. One would NEVER EVEN THINK of doing that - this would NOT BE AN OPTION.  Common sense rules that if one did that, the boat may crash, turn into a wave, a buoy, another boat, the opposite shore!! if you are turned long enough!! haha!!  NO, this would not happen.
And so it is as we go about our daily business. Our Angels are showing us this analogy as they would have us learn that THE SAME thing happens as we are on this Path. We generally and regularly look over our shoulder to see 'the wake' we have left behind and in many cases remain fixated on this 'wake' to the point where we DO crash, find obstacles in our path, unsurmountable obstacles...that could easily been avoided if our eyes had remained forward.
Keep your eyes forward. Maintain steady eye contact with your goals, dreams, wishes, ideas, your desired Path, your future, your Self. 
STAY CONFIDENT in your ability to move forward and breathe easy knowing that whatever obstacles show themselves (and they will :) you will be able to more easily move around them with the help of your Angel Team as you keep your eyes, your mind, your Self more in present moment with a positive Spirit looking FORWARD.
Keep shining!