Monday, September 26, 2011

CELEBRATE YOU! at the Peak, in the Valley and ESPECIALLY along the 'straight' :)

Right, so please feel it within you that THIS IS NO STANDARD START TO THE WEEK!!! This day, today is a time for celebration! That's right! Celebration!!
Life is most definitely a series of Peaks and Valleys as we continue along our Path on a daily basis.  A lot of the time we can find our Selves just 'ticking along' on the 'medium flat' level of events and sometimes we can get 'stuck in a rut' on the medium/average/nothing special level of days...and that's ok.. and one of the things that makes this ok is NOW you realize that EVEN on the straight and narrow. humdrum days there are celebrations to be had. Yes! Like we have time to reassess ourSelves, look around us and our daily 'busybusy' and pat ourSelves on the back, and give hugs of gratitude to the people who are in our 'circle' of optimism and support....DO this! reach out and be grateful for those in your circle. CELBRATE them!
Now go to the mirror...NO! don't look at the hair and assess the flyaways! don't judge the lines-- haha! THOSE are LAUGH lines - celebrate Them!!
C'mon now...focus... and look straight into your own eyes.  Breathe.  look deep into your eyes, past all the surfacey stuff and gaze right down to your own Soul...CELEBRATE your own Soul.  Feel it.  You've come a long way baby!! GOOD on you! Celebrate and allow yourSelf to feel genuine respect and affection for your Self as you recognize all of your accomplishments and the obstacles you have overcome thus far and give a nod to the deep well of strength within you that will continue to serve you well in the future. Yes. :) Feel that. and feel the deep appreciation turn to a bubble of celebration....inner celebration for your Self as you stand there and recognize your own Strength.  This exercise and acknowledgement of Self as you are "ticking along the median" will propel you forward lift you up. Nice.
and if you are on a 'Peak'??  WELL!!  Grab it! I want each of us to take that big piece of news that has found its way to us to brighten our world and hold it up above our heads and shout!! SHOUT that you are over the moon with joy and thanksgiving for this beautiful gift!  Revel in the magic of this event/news/opportunity/reward coming your way and KNOW that you deserve this, KNOW that with this reward you can take it boldly and go forward again to create MORE joy and peace and clarity for yourSelf and for others...Use this Peak Power as fuel for when the Valley time comes...
you will also  KNOW deep within that Strength that is in your Soul...(and you have only to return to the mirror if you want to see it for yourSelf - breathe and allow yourSelf to see your strength, to feel your strength...) that every moment you keep shining your Light into the Valley....another Peak time is on its way to you. Surely and truly.  Keep shining. :)  and NO MATTER whether you are in a Peak time, along the straight or in a Valley....CELEBRATING YOUR SELF by shining in to your Self and strongly out to others is ALWAYS the actionable step that brings positive change and forward movement to you and to all who are lucky enough to be in your circle!  SO GOOD!  just Keep Shining! :)