Tuesday, September 6, 2011


AWESOME! so awesome is the power of sharing! 
Good situation, bad situation, nervous scenario, excitement, anticipation, trepidation, etcetcetc. ... Once shared, this situation expands or diffuses depending on exactly which type of emotion is being shared.
  It is truly MAGICAL in that regardless of what the EXACT scenario is (different people, settings, words, etc) it is the EMOTION that is filling your predicament full of fear, jealousy, rage, sadness, grief, lonliness, desparation etc....ONCE SHARED this emotion starts to and continues to DIFFUSE within you...the burden of this heavy, negative emotion has been shared and therefore been relieved of its internal power over your ability to move forward.
In a similar yet different way, THE SAME MAGICAL EFFECT IS ALSO TRUE for emotions such as happiness, excitement, pride, joy, fulfillment, achievement... sure, all these emotions are wonderful and special and we all revel in them and relive these feelings and emotions whenever possible! however .... ONCE SHARED! these emotions EXPAND and NOW! the emotions of positivity surround you completely, make it REAL, and also you have the added benefit of seeing YOUR OWN POSITIVE EMOTIONS wash over the one or two or ten or a hundred people like a wave of Light. 
Hey! either way you cut it SHARING IS GOOD....no, GREAT!!  So, let it out, get it out and feel the power of SHARING :)
Keep shining! ;)