Monday, September 5, 2011

and now?? we press the PAUSE button!

Have you ever found yourself at a party, busy intersection, subway car etc where you find yourSelf 'placed' in the corner and can easily watch what is going on around you as an observer only? While you are in this position it seems like you have been placed (temporarily) inside a bubble of space and time where movement around you slows down, you can hear what other people are saying, the 'busy busy' of the world around, see others 'holding court' in animated conversation, hailing cabs, searching through shopping bags etc...and you? just sitting there breathing deeply, watching and observing frantic lifestyles as you sit back and enjoy the show. In this day and age of PVR TV where you can watch things live, or fast forward and rewind as you a similar way we can and do apply these same settings to our daily routine.
Today the Angels are suggesting, STRONGLY :) (and taking the long way on this one as well haha!) that we take a turn at hitting the 'pause' button.  Sit down, listen, watch, enJOY the silence or the pandemonium or the quiet conversations of others or the hum of the engine etc. and LET EVERYTHING HAPPEN AROUND YOU while you take a moment to PAUSE.   See and feel all of the 'busy busy' and the 'to do's' flying around you in a circular pattern like icons ready for you to 'press and go' on anyone or many tasks. See them floating around you and visualize them fizzling out and disappearing as you remain in 'pause 'position.  Let go of all the icons and 'post it notes of todo's' and take a deep breath and SMILE!! as you bring YOU back to your Self. Someone or something will eventually come along to the remote and press the LIVE button and snap everything back up to real time but for now....we PAUSE.  SO good!!
Oh! and keep shining that beautiful Light!