Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Stressed" is a comfortable place for me.....WHAT THE?!!... REALLY?

A great morning to be reminded of the fact that Stress like Peace is a choice. period. Get it? maybe not, maybe a lot of us do not 'get' this as so many of us unconsciously or consciously rise every morning, rub our eyes, take our few deep breaths, heave ourSelves out of bed, pick up our back pack of worries and to-dos, briefcase of troubles and suitcase full of concerns and trundle off best we can down to the coffee maker to pour our first 'cuppa Joe'  :) 
What a horrible way to start the day yes?? YES!!
except that many of us subconsciously do it because we think we have to ! We have to manage it, do the callbacks, control situations etc. and as unhappy and grueling as our pattern is? is a comfortable habit for us to have. it is where we live. it is how we live. We are used to it and so on it goes.
I am suggestting on behalf of the Angels this morning that just for today we put down our suitcases, slough off our backpacks and stand them all in the corner. They are sill there....but OVER THERE. They are not PART of us. OVER THERE is our to-do's and OVER HERE....WELL!! There is a warm, inticing wave of Peace and inner knowingness as we are now able to FEEL the cup of coffee in our hands, truly taste it as we open a window to the outside and breathe in the fresh air and FEEL it as it enters our bodies and cleanses us. Our shoulders are coming down as the awareness that the ringing phones, alarms buzzing, cars roaring to life, trains screeching to a halt...are NOT what make our journey here worthwhile. Yes! of course they are part of our daily life...but they are NOT the point of it!  They are not the GLUE!  THE GLUE IS YOU!! and your own connection to YOU and to your Angel Team and their guidance for you. 
Hey here's an Angel the end of the day....almost all the extra stuff we carry around with us could be flushed down any drain .... and we would be better off for it!! just for today, or part of the day or even 15 mins haha! - stand the baggage up in the corner and reconnect with YOU...the GLUE!
Standing the baggage up in the corner is an analogy that allows you to set down all the 'busybusy' of each day, moment, relationship etc. and gives us a mental image of SIMPLIFYING our day and staying in present moment.  Standing the baggage up in a corner is a choice...YOUR choice just like leaving the baggage on your back is a choice.
Peace is a choice and Stress is a choice.
Our Angels are urging us today to set down the baggage, and take a deep, joyful and grateful breath - reconnect with Self and feel the inner peace and strength that comes with it :)
Now, I'm off to find my cup of coffee....join me?   Keep shining that Light!