Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Speak 'WARMLY' to your Self

...and ESPECIALLY if you are speaking to YOU ABOUT YOURSELF!  It is relatively safe to say that we all have that 'little niggly voice' inside of our Selves that is generally first in line with the self criticisms, the judgements (oh why did I do THAT? why did I say THAT?! why can't I be more...) and the 'down' feelings etc. This voice will jump on any circumstance or small opening to form a more solid foothold within us...it is our focus today to learn a new way of 'dealing' with this voice.
This voice is not truly US. This is not our highest and best Self at work here:) We know this...deep down and today we are going to pull this 'knowing' up into our conscious mind and really FEEL the fact that THIS VOICE is not strong enough for us to acknowledge it regularly or at all...anymore.  period.
When this negative self talk voice arises, simply smile as you acknowledge it for what it is - powerless to affect your mood, your day, your relationships with others, your own outlook on your Self - and send it away.  Watch it dissipate before your eyes as you simply refuse to give it the 'power' and 'belief' and so....it simply goes. 
Great! Now, you are left to enJOY the rest of your day as you should.  Lighter, happier, freely and more TRULY yourSelf.  So good!
EnJOY this day today and keep shining!