Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Speak the Truth, nothing but the Truth :)

While we are on the topic of 'stripping off layers" and keeping things simple....let's focus today (and EVERYday! but we will definitely get the'focus ball' rolling in the right direction today!) by assuring ourSelves that is OK, and even more than OK! just fine, correct, perfect! to speak your Truth in every stuation.
We spend so much time thinking and overthinking about things that have been said,(could I have said that differently? would it have been better received if I had said it another way? used different words? did they understand me correctly? I KNOW what I said...how did they interpret me? etc) and thinking about things that we are GOING to say to someone when they call, show up, at the meeting, at the family reunion, at the dinner table...etc. and EVEN what we will say if and when THIS situation occurs or THAT situation occurs....blahblahblah.  NEVER MIND!!
Today we focus twofold on SPEAKING OUR TRUTH while we spend time in the PRESENT MOMENT.  done.
You see, when we do this and only this, not only are we enJOYing life and the people in our circle to the utmost degree IN THAT MOMENT! We also have the sheer pleasure of enJOYing our Selves as well.
 No need to think and rethink past scenarios! We simply spoke our Truth to our Selves and to others and therefore we did the best, very BEST our Soul and Spirit had to offer at that time...put it away. No need to think and rethink what we will say, should say, might say, dare not say etcetc.  WHEN the situation deems it necessary for you to speak and share your opinion, simply open your heart, follow your 'gut instinct'/Angel guidance through intuition ;) and open your flow of energy towards the truth....and let the Truth flow :)
SO MUCH easier ----- Go with the flow of Truth while being in and enJOYing the present moment. Awesome!  
Shine your Light!  <3