Thursday, August 18, 2011

Perspective, open mind, flexibility....hmmmm... :)

Oh yes, perspective and the ability to rise above situations and see things from all sides is our message from the Angels today. It is quite a gift to be able to stand back and remove your Ego (yes, I said it! There IS  a white elephant in the room! haha!) from your Self, your opionions and be left with only your compassionate objectivity is certainly a gift worth tuning into and grooming into a fine art. Much of the time, with this sense of perspective and objectivity comes a certain flexibility that can be very, very helpful for personal situations also.....a PERK if you will!! and we all LOVE perks!!
So your new open mind creates a flexibility within you not unlike a tree in the forest (let's say a Birch - love them!)  in that you are now able to withstand slight breezes, strong gusts of wind and downright stormy weather...easily.  The wind blows,  the tree bends and then bounces back - good.  :)
With our new sense of perspective, we also have the flexibility to bend with situations, and although we may bounce around a little, sway a little more abruptly than we thought we were capable of at times.....we also - bounce back.  good.  great!! 
Today, keep your mind open and attain that wonder-full higher vantage point of compassionate objectivity and enJOY your own flexibility within all types of situations.
Oh! and keep shining your Light!  :)