Friday, August 19, 2011

New family motto :)

Such a great GREAT feeling of excitement the day of leaving for holidays....for a week.... on a plane...going to see a dear dear friend.... all the packing and to-do stuff is done...nothing left except to 'dial down' and get into 'vacation mode'....and so I will.
and when I return I will (hopefully!) be able to call back this feeling of air going out of an air mattress as I totally and completely 'let go' of anything pressing mentally and RE-LAX! I feel like this is a skill that can also be honed, called up and enJOYed when needed.....hmmm, will put that one in the rolodex.
OH! Also, sharing something that my wonderful 11 year old shared with me as he announced our new family motto...."If you are feeling low, let it go".   wow.  done :)
Keep shining your Light!