Monday, August 15, 2011

Let's 'dial back to zero' shall we?? :)

That's right! We are going to follow our Angelic guidnce today and peel off all of the layers of busy-ness, confusion, mind-clutter (ALWAYS my favourite to strip away!!) and dial right back to zero...that is to say we are going to peel away all the layers of items, people, and places that all holler for our attention and take up our appointment calendars (you know the ones that send our phones and alarms buzzing away off the table or in our bags??!!) and dissolve them into the Angels beautiful bright Light. See a picture of yourSelf as you scoop up all the "busy-busy" into your arms and then offer them UP to your Angel Team to swoop them up and away from you--- for THEM to deal with.....good. Now, turn around,  clap your hands together to make sure you are getting rid of any residue left over and ... smile.
 Now, true gratification and contentment is clear can now see where TRUE feelings of satisfaction and peace come from!  Now that your mind is clear! you are able to acknowledge that there is now time and opportunity to see that you are able to act FOR OTHERS today. Go Ahead! Put yourSelf out there at LEAST a couple of times today for someone else.  GO OUT OF YOUR WAY TO HELP SOMEONE ELSE WITH THEIR "BUSY-BUSY"!! :)  Be of service to someone else, treat someone else to  a helping hand as you would like to be offered one when you feel like you are swirling dangerously close to the drain from time to time - ha! :)  and FEEL the sense of love, compassion and protection from your Angel Team and from their Angel Team as you do so. 
Feel it, acknowledge it, know it, trust it and :) Shine your Light!