Sunday, August 14, 2011

FOCUS People.....FOCUS!! :)

The Angels have us on what seems to be some kind of movie set this morning :)  How Excellent! The excitement in the air is palpable, there seems to be some kind of wonderful energy pulsating JUST below the surface of the day and its events, great preparations have been made and finishing touches are being put in place, so many people running around and fixing this, primping that, changing this out, there is a person in the middle of it all directing the others with a megaphone in hand.....and we watch from the door for our cue - to enter and take centre stage and do that thing that we do best... :)  We have a half smile on our face as if we can't quite believe that this is all happening FOR US!! Wow! Great! and we stand there, expectantly, in awe and feel very well looked after. 
You see, this is the image that our Angels want us to feel deep within us.  Our intuition led us to that door today so that we could get a peek inside of exactly how our Angel team works so hard and so efficiently each day in order to 'set the stage' for us.  We have only to stand at the threshold every morning and FEEL the excitement, smile and know that as we follow our intuition (our Angel messages and how they communicate with us is more often than not through pure 'gut instinct') we will be led time and again to 'centre stage' to do what we do best, with our best effort and purest intention and for the greater good.
Simple as that.  Time and again our every move is being helped along by our whole Angel Team and the director in the middle?  You guessed it, your Guardian Angel :) The one that has been with you since Day one and before, the one that knows you best and asks the rest of the Angel Team to help keep you safe and secure on your Path here. 
Feel VERY supported this morning knowing that the details (the REAL ones) are being looked after and have only to SMILE and take your spot in the limelight :)
So GET OUT THERE!! and do what you do best! ....oh, and shine YOUR Light while you are doing it!