Monday, August 29, 2011

Be DISCERNING wth your personal boundaries!

There is a palpable message of 'discernment' this morning - of knowing the importance of truly being able to sift through the pulls and pushes of every day and to unapologetically LET GO of the things that push your own personal boundaries to the extent where you no longer feel like your Self. It is very important!! to set hard and fast personal boundaries ... it is quite necessary and exceedingly healthy for you to work as our own advocate and allow your Angel team to guide you through your intuition (do not ignore it .!! this is for your own good!!) and enable you to keep doing GOOD in the world without feeling overwhelmed and bogged down. So! use your discernment and judge accordingly that which you can take on and that which MUST be left behind for the betterment of YOU and all of the 'good' you can achieve aroud you.  Keep shining!